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Safe Fasting Guide During Pregnancy, So that Mothers and Babies Stay Healthy

Is it safe for pregnant women to fast during Ramadan? There is no definitive answer that can apply to all pregnant women. Because, the conditions of each pregnant woman are different. Various studies show different results regarding the effect of fasting on the baby in the womb. Actually pregnant women are not required to fast during Ramadan. Pregnant women can then replace fasting at other times or in the form of alms. Nevertheless, some pregnant women still choose fasting. So actually safe fasting during pregnancy? If you are still confused, let's refer to the guide here. Effects of Fasting on Infants in the Womb Fasting generally will not bring negative effects on the baby in the womb, as long as pregnant women are in a healthy condition and still meet the daily nutritional needs properly. Changes in the chemical balance in the blood during fasting generally also do not harm the baby in the womb. One study showed that babies of mothers who fasted during pregnancy did not